Someone Believed Me

By Susie Ray

Wrongly convicted, Jenny had to work hard to start afresh upon release from prison, and love was probably the last thing on her mind.

2 Stories of Women loving Women

Someone Believed in Me

Rushing into an early marriage with Jack, sees Jenny regretting her hasty actions, especially as she ends up in prison thanks to him. No-one believes her cries of innocence, and bang goes her intended career in Law, along with so many other prospects, but she toes the line whilst incarcerated and is released early. But, what to do now?

Social services are a huge help and enable her to get a foothold in normal life once more, but being a shop-girl isn’t what she hoped to be doing for the rest of her life. Love was the last thing on her mind, but she should be used to life taking unexpected turns, when she meets Natalie, only daughter of one of the partners of the firm she now works for.

The potential of a new friend is just what Jenny needs, but will love get in the way? Life is complicated enough, but Jenny’s future is about to take another unexpected turn, adding a new twist to events.

As One Door Closes…

Jane is hoping to lay some ghosts to rest and she is convinced that walking the SW Coast-path will help her come to terms with her tragic loss – she used to walk it with her dad on holidays in Cornwall, but that was before…

She tries not to dwell too much on the past, but there doesn’t seem that much of a future for her. That is until she meets Sally Smith, also walking the path for therapeutic reasons. Jane makes the most of Sally’s company as it is only likely to be for a short while, but she reckoned without the weather – a storm expected to make landfall that evening, brings them close.

Both girls realise they have made some sort of connection, but they are unsure how to proceed. Will they find the way? Covid 19 Doesn’t help, or maybe it will bring them even closer together.

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