Spring’s Rebirth

The Southern Blue Blood Series, Book 3

By Serenity Snow

A fortune and a power seat up for grabs, who will reign supreme?

Amelia was looking forward to a happy marriage and a new life under her aunt’s care, but just like that, an attack on her aunt leaves Amelia’s freedom an uncertain right.

Miss Genny’s death closes a door and throws open wide another one that Ryan hadn’t planned to walk through. However, she finds she has no choice but to accept the mantle of power placed on her shoulders. She must hunt down those bent on eliminating Amelia and laying claim to the vast Honeywell estate. The deeper she gets into the conspiracy; Ryan learns of a heinous plot constructed to steal two fortunes and several lives.

As she willingly puts her body between Amelia and death, Ryan and Amelia handfast embracing their future together. However, their happiness could be cut short if Raven and Council can’t find the assassin team before it’s too late.

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