Squire Derel

The Knight Protector Series, Book 1

By Rachel Ford

In the fires of war and death, she'll make her own destiny.

Ana Derel was never meant to be a knight protector. She was never meant to be a squire. She was supposed to marry well, and raise sons who would become knight protectors.

Ana had other plans. After years of hard work, Squire Ana Derel has earned the respect of her peers. She’s a crack shot, and lethal with a blade. She’s weeks away from earning her own knighthood.

Then a deadly ambush leaves her charred, defeated and wanting justice. With the South readying for war, and the North demanding answers, Squire Derel finds herself alone in the epicenter of the coming storm.

Alone, until she meets the enigmatic Knight of the Shire. Will their unlikely friendship be enough to prevent a war? Or will war consume them too?

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