Stand By Me

By Callie Hall

Finding love is easy; keeping it is something else entirely.

For Evie Lane, running her father’s bookstore is her life. From the aged building to the used books themselves, her world revolves around her father’s hard work and the memories he left behind. But when someone drops off a box of old journals in the middle of the night, she’s torn between respecting the author’s privacy and caving under her sister’s curiosity.

The journals could’ve belonged to anyone, but out of all the people Evie expected to find in her bookstore, the infamous Cassidy Blake wasn’t among them.

Singer, songwriter, and Evie’s first crush, Cassidy’s life isn’t as glamorous as she’d like her fans to believe. Between an overly protective manager and the loss of her mother, what Cassidy really needs is a friend, a friend she easily finds in Evie.

Falling for Cassidy wasn’t part of the plan, but when the fire burns at both ends, it’s only a matter of time until someone gets hurt.

With Cassidy’s tour right around the corner and their words so far apart, can these two women find a way to close the distance between them? Or is Evie destined to stand on the sidelines forever?

Stand By Me is a sweet, small town, sapphic romance with low angst and a happily ever after.

Previously published under Natalie Brunwick. The story is the same.

Available through Kindle Unlimited
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