Starting From Scratch

By Jazz Taylor

From the author of Meow or Never, a story about blended families, anxiety, and how a fresh start can be just what you need... even when you least expect it.

Janie believes there’s a best way to do everything. When she sticks to a schedule, she and her mom can tackle anything. But Janie’s perfect schedule — and her life — are getting shaken up this year. Her new stepmom, Keisha, and her daughter, Makayla, are moving in with Janie and her mom.

Worst of all? Makayla brings a cat with her. And Janie hates cats.

Even though it’s hard, Janie tries to welcome Makayla to her new school. And honestly, she maybe does too good a job. Soon, Makayla is volunteering with Janie’s beloved Sunshine Club, and Janie’s friends all love her. The only one who pays any attention to her anymore is Makayla’s nosy cat. It feels like her new sister is taking over! What’s a gal to do with a copycat in her life?

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