The Properties Of Love Series, Book 2

By Tessa Vidal

Passion, fame, and a Hollywood flame: unlocking love's true properties.

Morgan Sterling, a charismatic Broadway star, has it all—fame, talent, and success. Leaving her conservative hometown in Georgia behind, she moves to the glitz of New York City, leaving Samantha Bishop and a smoldering resentment in her wake. After starring in a hit Broadway play, she moves to Hollywood to shoot the movie version of it, a pivotal moment in her career. As the spotlight shines on her, she finds herself reunited with Samantha, the one who knows the depths of her soul better than anyone else. But can they overcome the past and the guarded emotions that have held them captive for two decades?

Samantha Bishop, a successful realtor at Iconic California Estates, carries her own secrets, carefully guarding the vulnerable side she only ever reveals to Morgan. The arrival of the famous actress to Hollywood stirs a whirlwind of emotions. Samantha’s inner turmoil, born from their shared history in their small Georgia hometown and her lingering resentment, becomes a force to be reckoned with. As they cross paths at Iconic California Estates, Samantha’s strength and the captivating allure of her past relationship with Morgan make for a volatile mix. Can they heal old wounds, confront the desires they thought they had left behind, and discover the true properties of love?

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