Study You

By Melissa Tereze

One taste could never be enough…

It’s been months since Finn Ashton walked into Gillian Masters lecture, and by extension, her life…followed by another six weeks since their last, mind-blowing encounter. In Gillian’s office. On her desk. Then the holidays came and went, and Gillian’s silence spoke louder than words. It was a one-time fling, too risky to repeat.

Finn gets it. With her life packed with architecture classes, a job, and a less-than-ideal home life, it’s no wonder the gorgeous, seemingly confident Gillian wouldn’t want to risk her career on scratching an itch.

But when Finn takes a seat in Gillian’s lecture hall for a new semester, the undeniable gravity between them is still powerful. The moment their eyes meet, they both know their cravings are far from satisfied.

If they’re careful to leave their emotions out of it, they can give each other the desperately needed space to fill their deepest, darkest needs. But is their arrangement just harmless stress-release? Or an addiction that could leave their hearts—and lives—in pieces?

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