Sugar and Spice

The Lesvos Island Collection, Book 4

By Sam Skyborne

What happens when the clock stops?

What do you do if you’ve been a workaholic your whole life and then suddenly your prize, your baby, that all-consuming endeavour… is no more – handed off, luckily, for a big lump of cash? Great right? Yes, but now what?

Spice, a successful entrepreneur from London, found herself in exactly that position. What was she going to do now? What everyone would… Brace and step into a new direction… but only after a little break, to recover, recoup and reassess her life, on a Greek island with her best friend Jacko. It is amazing what you will find right in front of you when you take the time to look. And now, for a change, Spice had the time, and boy did she have to brace for what came next.

Warning: Spice gets herself into some deliciously deep water!

Disclaimer: No photographers or ex-pats were harmed in the writing of this book.

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