Sweet is Her Heart

The Sapphic Sweet Series, Book 2

By Isabella Eden

An old house nurtures new beginnings.

Lydia Hart heads an extremely successful London architectural firm and her designs, as whimsical and beautiful as the woman herself, win awards around the world. She only wishes she found matters of the heart as easy.

Elise Meriweather is an ambitious architecture student whose dreams have been put on hold to look after her mother’s ailing health.

When Elise wins an internship in Lydia’s firm, the two find themselves drawn to each other. Their creative minds spark together. Elise discovers she’s the perfect foil to Lydia’s chaotic designs, and Lydia inspires Elise to truly reach for her full potential.

Their worlds just begin to run parallel when fate suddenly pulls them in different directions. Life, career, distance and illness show them that love isn’t just about finding someone – it’s also about making choices.

From the bustle of London to the rustic elegance of the French countryside, Lydia and Elise learn that love isn’t always about grand gestures but the unspoken moments in between.

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