The Andromeda Contact

The Andromeda Galaxy Lesbian Romance Series, Book 2

By Sabrina Kane

Lieutenant Jane Belivet—call sign Rascal—is a talented and fearless starfighter pilot, and a member of Sabre Squadron… the elite fighting force onboard the UCS Fordham.

Every now and then, however, Jane’s youthful enthusiasm and predilection for annoying her superior officers lands her in trouble.

Her latest antics caused her to be assigned a less-than-enviable patrol position while the Fordham is doing a routine scientific survey of a gas giant in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Suddenly—far from the mighty starship, and all alone in an empty region of space—an unknown spacecraft appears out of nowhere… and makes contact with her.

Veronica Vale is one of the many young and low-ranked officers on the Fordham. She is a member of the Bridge Officer Training Corp, and thanks to her dedication to learning, and her talent for mastering the arcane skills needed to capably serve on the bridge of a starship, she has recently been promoted from ensign to lieutenant junior grade.

Still a long way from her ultimate goal of becoming the captain of her own vessel.

She is on the bridge when Jane returns to the Fordham from patrol and tells the stunned crew about her contact with an alien spacecraft. A spacecraft which transmitted a message to her.

Veronica—never missing an opportunity to expand her knowledge about starship operations—decides she wants to meet Lieutenant Jane Belivet, to find out more about this Andromeda contact…

“The Andromeda Contact” is the second book of Sabrina Kane’s Andromeda Galaxy Lesbian Romance series!

Filled with adventure out among the stars of our neighboring galaxy, it is the story of two young women who probably would have never met…had it not been for the mysterious alien being which sent Jane and the Fordham an intriguing invitation…

Throughout the story of Jane and Veronica’s romance, you’ll find plenty of smart humor, delightful characters, and enough steam to make even the vacuum of outer space feel quite warm!

And your inner sci-fi geek will be plenty pleased as well!

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