The Fires of Winter

The From the Ashes of Victory Series, Book 2

By Cameron Darrow

In the dead of winter, fire can be as dangerous as it is necessary.

“…there’s a reason witches don’t gather that often. Especially Manifested ones.”

“Which is?”

“It’s messy.”

Three months after the armistice that brought the War to End All Wars to a close, the witches of EVE are still adjusting to their newfound powers and responsibilities. Victoria Ravenwood is still deeply scarred, struggling with not only her growing power, but also with memories new and old. Millie Brown, on the other hand, is as happy as she has ever been, save for what her relationship to Elise means for Victoria and the rest of EVE. But when word comes down that EVE will finally be getting new members, Victoria, Millie and Elise will be forced to adjust to a lot more. With astonishing new Manifests, but shattered by war and revolution, the fiery new witches have the potential to make EVE stronger than anyone had thought possible. In the dead of winter, however, fire can be as dangerous as it is necessary, and it will either light the way forward for the witches together, or the fuse on the bomb that will blow them apart.

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