The Gaunt

By Genta Sebastian

A ghostly love that transcends time.

Emmaline, a frontier butch burned alive as a witch in 1720, still haunted the place where she was murdered when a young suffragette of the 1920s, Beatrice, tried to help her cross over. They fell hopelessly in love instead. Trying to join Em in death, Bea killed herself and found herself chained to the room where she died.

For over a century, they haunted separate rooms of the same house, able to see each other only from a second story window, yearning forever for their lost loves. Their mournful cries gave life to stories of the Gaunt, a ghost who haunted the old Campbell house.

V, a masc presenting handsome ghost hunter and author, knows the legend of the Gaunt and buys the house. On Halloween night, when beautiful kick-ass girly-girl, Nell, shows up Trick-or-Treating, V is totally enchanted. She offers to show her around the haunted house…and introduces Nell to its two ghosts.

With the friendly persuasion of a neighborhood witch, will the two living women give the ghost lovers their one last chance to pass over together, a day of life – in their bodies? And after a century of loving and lusting from afar, what will that mean?

And if they do give up their bodies for a twenty-four-hour period, how will V and Nell be able to act on their undeniable attraction for each other?

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