The Ghost of East Texas

Sequel to Terminal Event

By Ali Spooner

Taunted by a convicted serial killer, Blair and Tally are drawn into his web to uncover additional victim’s to provide closure to families.

Agent Blair Cooper and her partner psychic Tally Rainwater (Terminal Event) are back in a gripping new murder mystery investigation. When the serial killer Casper Caruso, known as The Ghost of East Texas, was sent to death row, Agent Blair Cooper was adamant that there were more victims of his killing spree. As his execution day approaches, Casper reaches out to Blair.

If she agrees to a face-to-face meeting, he will give the whereabouts of 10 additional bodies left in his wake.Is his request an act of remorse for his ruthless killings, or is there something sinister lurking in his dark mind?

Blair and Tally must piece together the clues to bring closure for some of the victim’s families. However, when you bargain with the devil, there is always a price to be paid.

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