The Goddess and the Crane

The Sapphic Legends Series, Book 1

By Cailee Francis

A seer claimed Lirya would never know the touch of a man. She never expected to find true love.

The goddess Lirya expected a life of solitude when she moved to the wilderness, settling in a cavern beneath the great Kulanji mountain. Content with her life there, Lirya didn’t pay much attention to what she might be missing, until Naji entered her life.

A being born of magic, the crane shifter barely escaped the hunters alive. When Lirya finds her hiding out in the cavern, the goddess is surprised, and offers to treat Naji’s wound. It’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship that might lead to more, as Lirya realises that love can take many forms.

The Goddess and the Crane is a romantic lesbian and interracial paranormal romance novella of around 16,000 words, and the first book in the Sapphic Legends series.

Please note: This story appeared in Beating Hearts: A LGBTQIA+ Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Anthology.

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