The Lightcrest Contract

The Lightcrest Pack Series, Book 1

By Luna Lawson

Forced into a contract I didn't want, I'm at her mercy.

After my parents died, I was left with more than just an empty house, lawyer fees, and crippling debt. I was also the CEO of a company I had no idea how to manage.

The Lightcrest Pack depended on Gray-Foster Shipping to keep the flow of luxury goods coming into the city. But I had no idea how to manage any of that, and my father’s business contacts won’t speak with an omega…

With no Pack ties to protect me, and no Alpha to speak to me—I was lost.

When Skye Lightcrest, the alpha CEO of Lightcrest Holdings and the head of the Pack has an offer for me—an offer I can’t refuse. An offer that will bind me to the Pack in more ways than I want to admit.

There are other things I don’t want to admit—like the way I crave Skye’s touch, and how I dream about how she’ll claim me. But I have a legacy to protect; and no matter how much I want to give in, I won’t let anything break me.

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