The Madam Never Surrenders

The Assassin's Core Series, Book 5

By Serenity Snow

Alexi is an ex-assassin who knows how to fight but her biggest battle is turning out to be giving in to love.

Alexi Russo thought things were going to settle down after she defeated Breakers, but Tatiana’s cryptic encounter with a dangerous organization leaves her on edge. Little does Alexi know that’s just a cover for an unseen group of dangerous men looking to destroy Mojo and kill Tatiana.

As Alexi digs deeper, No Dice is destroyed, and assassins attempt to assassinate Tia. Alexi retreats while she figures out the name of the game. When she learns the enemy wants information that Tia’s father collected, she wastes no time using it against them.

Because a madam may retreat, but she’ll never surrender.

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