The Misadventures of Callie Compton

By Alyson Root

After six years on the lam, has Callie's luck finally run out?

It’s not everyday you find out that your sweet, sweater knitting, church going grandma is the UK’s most prolific crime boss. For Callie Compton, that day became a reality on her eighteenth birthday. Not being criminally inclined, Callie did the only thing she could. She bided her time, stole her grandma’s little black book of scumbag employees, and ran for her life.

Six years later Callie finds herself in a small café in Sweden, her Spidey sense is tingling. Someone is watching her. How did they catch her trail? And what is she going to do next?

Daisy Simpson knew from the age of sixteen that Callie’s grandma was a bad person, just like her own dad. How she regrets not telling Callie before leaving for university all those years ago. Maybe then Callie wouldn’t have disappeared without telling her. Not only was Callie her best friend, and first unrequited love, she was also Daisy’s biggest supporter. Being born deaf into a family like hers wasn’t easy.

Out of the blue, Betty (Callie’s grandma) summons Daisy. It’s been ten years since she last laid eyes on the old crone. What could she possibly want? Answer: Find Callie, bring her home or Daisy’s brother dies! No pressure then.

With little information to go on, Daisy sets out to track her childhood friend. Only after launching a social media campaign does Daisy finally get a lead. And what an interesting lead it is. It seems Callie is leaving a string of pining women behind as she moves through Europe.

Using skills she’s not at liberty to discuss, Daisy tracks Callie to Sweden.

Not only have they got to traverse Europe collecting pieces of the black book that Callie partitioned off into four sections, they also have to do it undetected. If that wasn’t hard enough, Callie and Daisy must navigate their growing feelings toward each other, deal with several less than happy women, and overcome flooded caves and one raging bull. This is no adventure. It’s quite the opposite.

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