The Necromancer

The Sellswords & Spellweavers Series, Book 2

By Rachel Ford

A rash of grave robberies, a cursed barrow, and a case that will test the balance between magic and law.

When bodies go missing, the Academy of Arcane Arts assigns the case to Apprentice Mage Idun Wintermoon. With the jarl’s liaison for all things magical, Lissette Forlatt, and her best friend, the giant Njal, they try to track the thief.

But the closer they get to answers, the further away from truth they find themselves. When a series of strange visions brings Lissette to the ruins of the long abandoned goblin kingdom, they descend into a dark and terrible world of magic and secrets.

They’re in a race against time as they try to stop the Necromancer. But to get to her, they have to tread where the dead sleep – or worse, don’t.

And if they’re not careful, they’ll end up forgotten denizens of the undead themselves.

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