The People we Trust

The Libellule's Series, Book 2

By Donna Jay

A friends-to-lovers lesbian romance about the power of finding someone not just worthy of love, but of trust as well.

When Soraya Jansen took over the exotic Libellule’s from her boss, she understood two things: The beauty parlour offers certain “extra” services that need to be handled with discretion. And there’s a strict no-fraternising rule between staff or clients.

But Soraya’s in charge now and can bend the rules to suit her management style. Besides, no one will get under her guard—not the ex-employee she allows back to work, the flirty new hire, or the hot police officer client who definitely shouldn’t be so interesting given they’re on opposite sides of the law.

So why, after forty years of protecting her heart like a fortress, is Soraya suddenly having the pesky urge to lower her walls and take a chance? Maybe the no-fraternising rule was a good idea after all.

This spin-off from The Secrets we Keep can be read as a standalone.

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