The Raven and the Firebird

The From the Ashes of Victory Series, Book 5

By Cameron Darrow

As the witches of Germany seek to stop Hitler's rise, they turn to EVE for help.

“People are frightened, and seek those offering strength. The people need to know that there is more than one kind, and that which we offer is more than guns and tyranny.”

As daily life settles in at the EVE Witchcraft Conservatory, new opportunities, lives and love abound. Victoria and Katya’s relationship is ever-evolving, while Millie and Elise are coming to understand what it truly means to be a Bonded witch. At the same time, the school is flourishing, a place of discovery, encouragement and equality. To women and witches everywhere, Longstown has become a beacon brighter than any other.

But is it bright enough to shine through the storm rolling in from Germany?

For when Helga arrives with an announcement, she brings with her a request: help. Help that only the most famous, most powerful witches in history can provide. Agreeing means thrusting EVE directly into German politics and gaining the attention of Adolf Hitler and his growing Nazi party, while declining would go against the very principles EVE was founded on, yet keep the school safe.

EVE’s public choices may be nothing to the private ones, however. After all, its greatest secret was never going to stay that way forever…

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