The Rules of Love

By Lily Seabrooke

Rule number one: never fall in love.

Amber’s rules have kept her safe from heartbreak—an oath to herself not to fall in love. But when her career as a romance novelist suffers for it, a vacation to her hometown brings her face-to-face with her childhood crush Celeste, and suddenly, none of her rules are enough to keep her away.

Celeste is intent on fighting her feelings for women and committing to her boyfriend Logan, but meeting her childhood crush Amber on a trip home for a family friend’s wedding throws her carefully-constructed life into disarray.

Sometimes, heartbreak is the only way through to healing. But sometimes, a love story will never really go away.

The Rules of Love is a 90,000-word romance with childhood loves, a coming-out story, heartache and yearning, a sweet and clumsily supportive family, and a falcon named Oslo. Content warnings for off-screen mentions of suicide attempts, death in hospice care, controlling relationship dynamics, some homophobia and transphobia, open-door sex scenes, Scarlet just kind of doing her thing, and Oslo stealing bread.

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