The Sappho Romance

The Lesvos Island Series, Book 2

By Jacquie Lyon and Sam Skyborne

This is the Alternaitve History Lesbian Fiction (Sapphic Fiction) Novel written by Jacque Lyon in "Sealed with a Kiss"

The Sappho Romance

The best-kept secret of antiquity—the veil has finally been lifted on the legend of Sappho and her true love, Phaon. A vivid tale of rivalry, passion, power, loss and love.

It all started on an ‘unsinkable’ ship, caught in the eye of a raging storm. Here, politics and passion collided and by an act of the Gods, a young slave girl is spared and given another chance at life—a life beyond even her wildest imaginings.

They said a slave could not surpass her master…

They said a wife is the property of her husband…

They said women had no place in a ‘man’s world’…

Three courageous women choose to break the rules… to follow their hearts, leaving a trail of mystery, myth and legend so bizarre that it has taken almost 3000 years to uncover.

Praise for this book:
“This is a great yarn interwoven with misunderstandings and subterfuge worthy of a Shakespearean love story.”
“A gripping, imaginative read…. A joy.”
“An absolutely thrilling and intelligent tale…”
“Alternative history at its best… a must read!”

If you enjoy Madeline Miller, Pat Barker, Samantha Shannon and the like … then this is a treat for you.

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