The Shoebox

By AJ Estelliam

With Kit Adams now working for the police as their go-to psychic, Kit and Detective Grey West plan to take a well-deserved holiday in order to explore their relationship even further.

Unfortunately, their newfound happiness remains yet to be explored, when a cold case rears its ugly head.

With discoveries of long-dead buried bodies, it’s down to Kit to solve the questions that have never been answered. Kit uncovers missing men from years ago, a killer who preyed on gay men and a mysterious shoebox full of mementoes and trophies from a sick man who killed with hateful vengeance in his heart. With skeletons being unearthed rapidly, the team work together to search for the murderer.

Provoked by the police’s interest in ‘The Shoebox Murderer’ the killer’s anger is reignited, and more victims emerge. With one of their own members of the police force at risk and then kidnapped, can Kit and Grey work together to solve the murders before its too late? Find out in… The Shoebox.

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