The Taste of Women

By Cyan LeBlanc

women /ˈwo͝omən/ noun. a sweet cut of meat, best when sourced locally.

Do you dare jump into the world of Cyan LeBlanc with a tasty LGBTQ+ horror novel that will make your toes curl and your heart ache for this Sapphic serial killer?
After years of carnage and bloodshed, the world’s most notorious killer may have met her match.

For decades, she has eluded law enforcement, leaving a trail of death in her wake. Once again on the run, this time assuming the identity of horror novelist Katherine Bishop, she settles into rural southeast Texas, where she lures ghostwriter Arianta Collins to her new lair of hell.

With only three months for Arianta to write her new book and then satisfy her insatiable cravings, things quickly spiral out of control as Katherine’s heart grows bigger than her stomach, blurring the lines between predator and prey.

Will Katherine continue to live this brutal life of evil, or will her reign of terror finally come to an end, not at the hands of the authorities, but by those closest to her?

“The Taste of Women” is twisted tale of sexual hunger and a woman’s hunt for her next meal. LeBlanc’s disturbing novel explores a dark journey of human depravity and morality in this journey of temptation and survival.

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