The Vanishing Bridge

The Hobbs Series, Book 9

By Elena Graf

Bobbie and Susan have so many secrets between them, but one can break them.

Rev. Susan Gedney returns to Hobbs after facing the wreckage of her past in the Midwest, but she soon learns her own recovery is incomplete until she earns back everyone’s trust. Susan remembers what she learned in Rehab: ‘You’re only as sick as your secrets’. She may have to reveal a few before winning back the support of the people who want to believe in her again.

Meanwhile, at the Hobbs Family Practice, Bobbie Lantry, the new Nurse Practitioner, has a big secret of her own. She seems always to be rushing away to take care of a mysterious older woman. Why? And who is the mystery lady? And why does Bobbie feel she can’t tell anyone what’s going on in her life?

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