The Veracity of Lies

By Anna Woiwood

Why had she kissed her there in the shadow of the stage?

The Wes Goodwin Show was a comedic hit in the 1950s. All across the country, families tuned in weekly to find out what wholesome mischief Kathryn Anderson as Paula, on-screen wife of Wes Goodwin, would get into with her quirky and single neighbor Kay, played by Alice Kincaid. But life off-screen, out of the spotlight and away from the adoring public, was far from wholesome.

When The Wes Goodwin Show becomes one of the top syndicated programs of 1981, The Holly Singer Show wants to capitalize on the moment with a live cast reunion.

Now a fallen starlet from the golden years, Kathryn has been making art house pictures in Germany with her second husband. When news about the reunion comes in, she finds herself wasted on a plane headed for Los Angeles. Is she strong enough to deal with what she did after all these years?

When Alice receives a call from her agent about the reunion, she nearly passes out in front of her concerned and confused son. She owes the television series her name in the business, but how can she face her past in the flesh?

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