Tied Up By the Boss

The Sapphic Submission Series, Book 3

By Josie Bale

She’s inexperienced in the ways of the world, but not for long!

Marci has heard the rumors – senior staffers at her work are punishing their subordinates with good hard spankings. But it can’t really be true, can it?

When the shy computer coder gets assigned to her secret crush for a high priority project, her anxiety gets in the way of her work performance, and she starts making big mistakes. Her boss Colleen offers her a choice: lose her job or allow the sexy older woman free reign to break her of her anxious thoughts.

Desperate to keep her position in the company, Marci finds herself tied up and experiencing the sting of a firm paddling. To her surprise, the punishments settle her mind.

They also awaken a strong desire to have her first lesbian experience…but will her domme boss give her what she really needs?

“Tied Up By the Boss” is part of the Sapphic Submission series. These sexy and fun stories follow the adventures of the employees at WLW Technology, where getting in trouble can lead to bare bottomed punishments from the lesbians in charge. These books are intended for mature audiences.

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