V Day II

The V Day: A Friends to Lovers Romance Series, Book 2

By Deja Elise

Morgan and Tina found what they’ve been missing from love in each other, but it hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

After months of Tina’s ambiguous stance on monogamy and the prospect of marriage, Morgan took it upon herself to move their relationship to the next phase. Unfortunately, Tina held fast to her desire to be simply exclusive and Sidney is very much still in the picture to Morgan’s growing disappointment.

To make matters worse, after officially coming out, Morgan’s relationship with her parents have been strained leaving her feeling a little off center as she works towards a major career move.

Despite all of that, their bond is stronger than ever. Morgan still wants that ring and after a near fatal accident leaves her on crutches for months, Tina has finally found a compelling enough reason to give her all she’s ever wanted.

As Tina gears up to surprise her with that highly anticipated proposal on the anniversary of their love, Morgan finds herself grappling with her girlfriend’s commitment to their relationship.

It’s a game of give and take, with Tina trying to give her best friend turned lover everything she wants, while Morgan decides how much of her girlfriend’s sh*t she can take.

Buckle up! You know you’re in for a ride with these ladies.

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