Whatever It Takes

By Callie Hall

Going home isn't enough.

For Emily, writing about love is easy, but experiencing it for herself is something else altogether. This is especially true when the focus of her heart is the same woman she ghosted more than twenty years ago.

Sarah is smart, beautiful, and just as stubborn as Emily remembers. Considering the fact they’ve spent more time apart than they did as friends, it’s going to take a lot more than a simple apology to undo all of the wrong she’s done.

However, when two kids go missing on a school trip, Emily and Sarah will have to work together to get everyone home on time.

The experience leaves them rattled, bringing them closer together while causing some of the parents to question their relationship.

With so many aspects of her life on the line, can Emily push her fears to the side long enough to win Sarah back, or will she give in to the pressures of their small town society and leave for good?

Whatever It Takes is a second chance sapphic romance with a happily ever after.

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