Wicked Fem

The Kiss Me Quick Series

By Edie Marr

Wicked Fem is a super-sexy feel-good British rom com - featuring two unforgettable women falling hopelessly in love.

Slowly, watching my face, she lifts her hands up and I notice those perfect red ovals of her fingernails. She does something behind her head and her hair falls out of the beehive ’do and bounces down around her face like a big dark cloud — and the effect of this is to reanimate my already lifeless corpse and then instantly kill me dead again, because she just got more beautiful and it really defies all the laws of the universe that something like that could have happened.

Pix is a chubby, scruffy butch, Lois is a beautiful polished fem. Pix has never had a relationship with someone as adventurous as Lois before, although she’s always wanted to.

And Lois has never had a relationship with a woman.

A heart-stopping, star-crossed romance set in Brighton, the UK’s queer city by the sea, that swoops from cocktail bars to bus-stop encounters to fateful meetings in supermarket aisles – as love is found and lost and found again.

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