Winter’s Kiss

The Southern Blue Blood Series, Book 2

By Serenity Snow

Amelia thought she was free until she learned of her arranged marriage.

Learning she was a vampire was hard enough, now Amelia finds out her aunt wants her to step into her shoes as leader of Thistle-Rose Coven. She would become a powerful leader in the tri-town area. However, untried, and inexperienced, there are those who secretly plot against her.

Ryan Baptist has lived her entire life in the shadow of her parents, now the time has come for her to fill her father’s shoes and prove she’s more than half the witch her mother was.

However, a dark conspiracy to grab power from both her and Amelia forces Ryan’s back against the wall. She has no choice but to prove she’s the daughter of not only a powerful voodoo priestess but a master vampire. And hell hath no fury like a witch scorned.

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