Worth Waiting For

The Perfect Blend Series, Book 3

By Teresa Purkis

Is it possible to make the smouldering embers of the past ignite and rekindle love?

When Althea and her recent girlfriend split up, she feels the depression that she has suppressed for years surface. She accepts that love and companionship have passed her by again. She needs the friendship of The Perfect Blend coffeehouse women now more than ever.

Michelle has resigned herself to a life of casual hook ups. Six-month work assignments ruin any chance of meaningful relationships. Her latest placement sees her return to the city of her birth after twenty years away.

The two women literally bump into each other in the coffeehouse, and the powerful jolt of the teenage love they once shared sends both their lives into chaos.

Althea and Michelle must put aside their long-standing hurt and betrayal, otherwise, the continual pain and sorrow will ruin their chance of finding happiness and love.

Is it possible to rekindle love and make the smouldering embers of the past ignite?

Worth Waiting For is the third book in The Perfect Blend series. It encompasses friendships, a second chance at love, and much, much more.

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