Wrath of a King

By Lily X

Never trust a friend... especially one that wants you dead.

Earth enchanter Olympia has a legacy to uphold. As the only Alpha heir of the Summerstream clan, she’s been browbeaten all her life into accepting her place as a future leader.

To her people, Olympia could do no wrong. She’s patient, protective and politically correct—the facade of the perfect future Queen. She’s certainly incapable of ordering the cold-blooded murder of her former friend.

Fire sorcerer Zoei Highblade is feared and worshiped by her subjects in equal measure.

After years of strife between the royal clans of Summerstream and Highblade, a tremulous peace has descended upon the southernmost kingdoms of the Seventh Star—one that shatters upon the discovery of an earth enchanter assassin masquerading as a maid in Highblade Palace.

Zoei is hellbent on revenge. As the head of the Summerstream clan, Olly will pay—with her life.

But Zoei has to ignore the pull of nostalgic friendship, and the forbidden allure of the other Alpha’s lips before she fries the life out of Olly’s treacherous bones.

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