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Cover of Capture the Moment

Book: Capture the Moment

By KC Luck

…toward the coast, bracing herself for the unfamiliar challenges ahead. Riley Keaton is an award-winning photographer with an eye for capturing the beauty of nature around her. Living alone with Ansel, her faithful canine, in a house overlooking the ocean,…

Cover of Interview with a Lesbian Sasquatch

Book: Interview with a Lesbian Sasquatch

By Ocean

When radio host Serena Bonago received an email from someone claiming to be a lesbian Sasquatch, she brushed it off as a hoax. But when the second email arrived and convinced her that the sender was indeed a lesbian Sasquatch,…

Cover of Love You Like A Woman

Book: Love You Like A Woman

By Ocean

There are certain emotions that we as humans experience regardless of time, place, age, or race. Complex feelings that occur when one loves. The release and euphoria that accompanies laughter. Regrets and pain when we suffer loss. These universal emotions…

Cover of The Curse of Doll Island

Book: The Curse of Doll Island

By Ocean

In 1732 a Shaman performed ‘The Curse of the Damned’ on two women, trapped their tormented souls in wax dolls, and banished them to a tiny island located between Key West and Cuba. Fast forward to 2019. Rosie Moorea is…

Cover of I'm Not Scared...You Are

Book: I'm Not Scared...You Are

By Ocean

~ Spiders ~ Cemeteries ~ Skulls ~ Haunted Houses ~ Witches ~ And more! Each story is uniquely designed to intrigue and delight while inviting sensations of foreboding, terror, and surprise. Terrorsylvania A Good Day Fer A Burnin’ A Grave…

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All About: Double Exposure by Rien Gray

…hot, criminal, and sapphic since that is my taste). I’ve always been a huge fan of fictional heist films and shows – Ocean’s 8, Leverage, and so forth – but romance always takes a sideline in a lot of this…

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Author Interview: Jazzy Mitchell Chats about Undertow

…point, and this book reflects my idea of that type of leader. How did you come up with the title for your book? Since Maggie’s childhood occurs near the ocean and she struggles against the tide of expectations, challenges, and…

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Author Interview: Rachel Parisi Chats about Magic & Mead

…the sound of the ocean and always take several books when we go on beach vacations. For “everyday” reading, I love to lay on the bed in my guest bedroom, turn on the fan for white noise and get lost…

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Author Interview: M. E. Tudor Chats about Suddenly

…characters through the wringer? If I’ve picked a character to run through the wringer, they usually deserve it. Ava’s ex-wife, Sheila, was a narcissistic psychopath who totally got what she deserved when she crashed her car into the ocean in…