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Deadlines, Missions, Log Lines, and More

Dear Authors, can you believe the end of the year is rapidly speeding toward us?

TB has been rocking holiday tunes, burning pine-scented wax melts, and accidentally spilling the beans on gifts she’s already purchased because she cannot keep a secret. But it’s not all eggnog and fruit cake yet at IHS Headquarters because we still have so much to do before we ring in the new year.

So, let’s get to it!

Calling All SapphFic Books!

One of the big projects we need to finalize before the end of the year is the 2023 Reading Challenge.

If you haven’t submitted your book(s) yet, you now have a ticking clock. For all books published before December 1, 2022, in order to be considered, we must receive a submission by 11:59 pm (EST) on December 1, 2022. That’s 3 weeks away, so don’t waste time!

The Reading Challenge was extremely popular this year and with the new website and BookFinder, the number of views are going through the roof. In response, we’re expanding the challenge next year, doubling the number of categories, so if you were holding off on submitting some of your books because you thought we wouldn’t have space, odds are, we will.

In the past 37 days, the new website has had almost 100,000 views. There have been over 7,000 searches of the BookFinder database. We have plans to keep these number growing in 2023, and every book we receive, whether it is ultimately included in a reading challenge or not, gets a permanent entry in the BookFinder and its own dedicated page on our site. For free!

Simply put, you don’t want to miss out on the chance to get so many eyeballs on your book in the coming year.

Here’s the form to submit your books to the I Heart SapphFic BookFinder

Graphic of Mission Book Possible

The BookFinder is now officially a month old, and it already contains over 1800 books!

If you haven’t checked out our Mission: Book Possible game yet, here are the deets. Each day in November, we’re providing readers with a sapphic book finding mission. Four prizes of a $15 Amazon gift card will be awarded during the month on Wednesdays, beginning later today, November 9.

Here’s how it works:

Many of you already know that TB’s a history nut, so she’s been digging into historical happenings for each day in November to inspire the daily book-finding missions.

Once a day, I Heart SapphFic will share the day’s mission in the IHS Reader Group on Facebook. Readers will check the I Heart SapphFic Bookfinder for a book that fulfills the mission, and then report back to the Facebook group with a link to that book’s page on the IHS website. Our goal is to reinforce with readers how easy it is to find the books they want by using the BookFinder.

We cannot stress enough, if you haven’t submitted your books to be added to the database, do so now. Here’s that submission form again.

IHS Sale GraphicNovember IHS Mega Sale Deadline is November 14!

Have you submitted your book(s) yet? These sales are very popular with readers, so don’t miss out!

The Mega Sale will run from Nov 25 through Nov 29.

There are three price points: $0.99, $1.99, $2.99

Click here for the submission form.

If the book(s) is already in the IHS BookFinder, click here for the short form.

And click here for more details about the Mega Sale.

It’s already day 9 of Nano!

Are you keeping up with your word count?

TB’s behind in her word count, but she hasn’t missed one of the Zoom writing sprints yet. Join TB and Adrian J. Smith and we’ll help each other with accountability. The Zoom links are available in the Author Forum on Facebook.

Writing Wisdom

For Authors

TB gets real about deadlines and why it’s important for authors/publisher not to miss the two upcoming IHS deadlines:

– Mega Sale Submissions

– 2023 Reading Challenge Submissions

Check it out here.


Em digs into log lines, explaining what they are, why you need them, and a simple formula to create them. Many authors ignore log lines, but they shouldn’t because nailing this step is vital when pitching your book to readers.

Check it out here.


Adrian's Easy Grammar GraphicAdrian J. Smith is a writer and editor who has a not-so-secret love of grammar.

Today’s grammar tip covers common word mix-ups: Peek v Peak v Pique.

Check it out here.


Check back next Wednesday for more great advice and SapphFic publishing news.

Happy writing!

Miranda & TB

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