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Warning: Don’t Be That Person Who Misses These Deadlines

For AuthorsAs I’m writing this post, I’m wearing a Grinch sweatshirt. I left the house earlier today and have been told by one person it’s too early for Christmas stuff. I rolled my eyes (thank goodness for sunglasses), but I refrained from telling the person my true thoughts about their unsolicited advice about my clothing choices that have zero impact on their life.

Also, I wear Christmas t-shirts year-round, because they make me happy and I need a lot more happy in life, especially during the remaining 8 weeks of 2022.

After Halloween, I kinda go into full Christmas mode. What many people don’t know is I love this time of year. I love the lead up to December 25th, even though it’s also one of my busiest times.

Not simply because of the holiday madness, but it’s also an extremely busy time for I Heart SapphFic.


Right now, there are two deadlines hanging over my head.

First is the November 25-29 Mega Sale.

Authors, if you want your book(s) in the sale, the deadline to send us your form(s) is 11:59 PM (EST) November 14. This is a hard deadline, so don’t dillydally.

Here’s the submission form and here’s a page providing more information about the Mega Sale.

Second is 2023 Reading Challenge.

Behind the scenes, we’re busy planning the challenge and it’s going to be bigger in the new year. How much bigger? Instead of 50 categories, we’re aiming to have 100.

To make this work as well as we want it to, we need all authors who haven’t submitted their books to be considered for the Reading Challenge to send in the forms.

You do not need to submit a form if you’ve already submitted forms for the following:

  • Free Fall (this past September)
  • Mega Sale (the upcoming one)
  • BookFinder
  • New Releases (submitted from September on)

If you haven’t submitted a form for any of those events, here’s the form we need:

The deadline for the 2023 Reading Challenge is December 1, 2022.

You might be wondering if new releases published after December 1 will be considered for the 2023 Reading Challenge. The answer is yes, but it will depend on space and timing. All books published before December 1, 2022 must be received by December 1, 2022 to be considered.

Again, I want to stress, to ensure your book(s) is considered for the 2023 Reading Challenge, you must submit your form(s) by 11:59 PM (EST) December 1, 2022.

Given the scope of the Mega Sale and Reading Challenge, and the amount of time we’re dedicating to helping authors and readers, please help us by not being that one author who wants us to squeeze you in after a deadline has passed.

Even when we warn authors and publishers about impending deadlines, we always get emails a few days later saying, “I know I missed the deadline, but can you…”

Please don’t be that person.


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