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How To Make the Most Out of Participating in the IHS Reading Challenge

For AuthorsNow that the reading challenge has begun, we wanted to share how authors can get involved to make the most of their book’s spotlight. Two weeks prior to the start of a reading challenge category, we’ll reach out via email, asking if you’d like to get more involved aside from just having a book in a category.

Here is how you can get involved during your challenge week:

1. Putting your book on sale.

If you’d like to discount your book during the week it is featured in the reading challenge, just let us know! The price point must be either: free, $.99, $1.99, $2.99, or $3.99. The price should be lowered no later than noon on Sunday and must run through midnight on Saturday (which is to say, very late Friday night as opposed to Saturday night, for those of you who struggle with time as much as we do).

2. Guest post in the IHS reader Facebook group.

Any time during the week when your book is featured, come by the IHS Reader Facebook Group and post a trivia question about yourself or your book that readers can answer to enter to win a prize of your choosing. We suggest an ebook, but you may do audio codes, a paperback, or even a gift card. Please note, you will be responsible for choosing the winner at random and delivering the prize.

Here’s an example of TB’s trivia post for last year’s Christmas in July:

TB Facebook Trivia Question Example

3. Join IHS’s weekly ebook giveaway.

Each week, IHS will host two new ebook giveaways on our site. Participation is open to anyone with a book in either of that week’s two reading challenge categories, with one lucky winner in each category receiving all those books as a prize. We will handle the entries and select the winner, and then you will be responsible for sending the ebook file to the email address we provide.

Here’s how you can get involved even if your book isn’t involved during one of the weeks.

As much as we wish we could have, we simply couldn’t include every book in every category. If you were disappointed your book didn’t make it onto a particular category list, don’t despair! We have some ways to help readers find your book even if it isn’t on the official category list.

1. List your book for sale.

While it won’t be involved in the reading challenge category post, it will be listed on our sale page. If the sale takes place on a Saturday, the book will also be listed under book deals in our SapphFic Mischief weekly post. Here’s the form to submit ebooks on sale.

2. Share on social media and in your newsletter which books fit which categories.

Say something like: “Are you participating in I Heart SapphFic reading challenge? My book Reservations of the Heart fits these categories: Grumpy / Sunshine; Age Gap; Forced Proximity; Divorce; Workplace Romance.”

ROH Reading Challenge Social Media Graphic Example

3. Join the reading challenge yourself and share what books you’re reading for it.

Readers love to know what books everyone is reading, including authors! There’s nothing wrong with sharing your own book in our What Are You Reading check-ins.

If you have ideas/suggestions for more ways authors can get involved, please let us know by emailing [email protected]. We’re always open to finding more ways to connect readers with books!


Miranda and TB

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