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Join the Favorite Scenes Anthology

For Authors

While asking an author to choose the favorite scene they’ve ever written may be like asking a parent to choose their favorite child, we’re inviting you to give it a shot!

IHS will be putting together a promotional anthology called “Favorite Scenes from Favorite Authors” and we are inviting all authors of sapphic & women-loving-women fiction to contribute.

We are asking for a 500-1000 word excerpt from a published book, which must be available for purchase on Amazon. As long as it’s sapphic, we welcome every subgenre of fiction, as well as poetry, memoir, etc.

You’ll have a chance to reach hundreds of new readers. What is the one scene you would most like to share? This is your chance to show everyone what you and your writing are all about.

IHS will make the anthology available on BookFunnel so readers can download it for free. No one will make money from this project, and IHS will bear the cost of cover design and formatting. Each excerpt will include links for readers to buy the book if they are interested, so this is a great way to grow your audience.

If you have a newsletter signup, we will also include that link with your excerpt.

You may submit one entry per pen name. For the purposes of this anthology, we will treat cowritten books as a separate pen name. If Jane Doe and Jenny Smith have a cowritten book, they may submit that book, plus one book by Jane and one book by Jenny.

Participants MUST be willing to help share & promote this anthology through your newsletter (if you have one) and on social media. By submitting an excerpt, you agree to do so. We will be monitoring this. IHS may limit participation in future cross-promotional projects to authors with a good share history.

All submissions are due Sunday, FEBRUARY 5, 2023.

The anthology will be posted to BookFunnel in March, 2023.

Interested? Here is the form to submit your book!

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