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Today is Clean Out Your Bookcase Day

February 20 is Clean Our Your Bookcase Day Graphic
Do you remember when you last cleaned and dusted your bookcases? Do you have any idea how many books you have or what they are?

If you feel personally attacked by these questions, it may be a good idea to observe today’s holiday. We all love books, and every so often our collections can use a little love and attention. Today would be a great day to do some dusting, put your books back in order (alphabetical, by subject, color, or whatever you prefer) and consider donating books you don’t need anymore to someone in need.

Is there a Little Free Library near you? If not, you might consider showing support for the efforts of The Little Queer Library in Waltham, MA, which has persevered in bringing queer books to their local community despite numerous targeted homophobic attacks.

The good news about clearing space on shelves is now you will have room for more new books!

To honor Clean Out Your Bookcase Day, here are three books with characters who work in a bookshop.

Curious what tomorrow’s special day will be?

Make sure to check back each day for your daily calendar trivia, along with more great book recommendations! Any day spent reading sapphic books is a day to be celebrated!

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