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Today is World Plumbing Day

March 11 is World Plumbing Day Graphic
Fun fact: the most simultaneous toilet flushes in the US happens each year during the Super Bowl halftime.

Without modern plumbing, our cities would be uninhabitable. Not only would the smell be intolerable, but the likely spread of fatal diseases could easily decimate the population. It is so important, a town or city’s sewage system must be designed before anything else. If you’re like most people, the plumbing in your house is something you only notice when it goes wrong. But when it does, a person who can fix the issue and get the pipes working again is likely to become your new best friend.

TB is eternally grateful for the handy people of the world because she needs help changing a lightbulb and doesn’t even own a plunger. To celebrate World Plumbing Day, we’ve selected three books featuring, as one local business woman’s advertisement for her fix-it services terms it, a “handy ma’am”. These characters are not necessarily all plumbers, but they know their way around a plunger.

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