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Today is National Organize Your Home Office Day

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If you are one of the growing number of people who are working from home these days, this is for you!

Studies show we can minimize work related stress and increase productivity in a clean, tidy environment. If you have a home office, when was the last time you gave it a good cleaning? Miranda recently cleaned her office and she did so while listening to an audio book. This made the task so much easier, and it felt more productive, too, since it was a book she needed for researching an upcoming book.

Are you one of the roughly 51% of Americans who work in your bed? While many of us can’t afford the huge house with a well appointed home office we might dream of, even a little bit of organizing goes a long way. If you use your bed or couch for work, set a reminder to return your work tools to their proper places each day. This way you can enjoy your bedroom or living room for its intended purpose and draw a clear line at the end of your work day. No matter where you work, National Organize Your Home Office Day is the perfect day to get rid of unnecessary clutter and  dust, and to get yourself more organized.

Today we are bringing you three sapphic books with main characters who work from home.

Curious what tomorrow’s special day will be?

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