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Top Sapphic Books, TB Markinson, Freebies, and More

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We’ve made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate!

Find out the 3 top sapphic books with the most clicks this week, 5 Random Things about author TB Markinson, freebies, and a sweet doggie to get your weekend off to a wonderful start!

TB & Miranda are in New York City, visiting the Titanic exhibit. Miranda wanted to go to the exhibit when it first opened but couldn’t swing it. Weeks ago, when they agreed to attend the GCLS event in New Jersey, Miranda was sad because the exhibit was supposed to close at the end of February, meaning she’d just miss it. Luckily for Miranda the exhibit was extended, meaning she’s dragging TB there despite TB repeatedly saying, “I can’t associate luck with the Titanic. Bad things are going to happen. Mark my words.” Here’s to hoping TB is wrong.

While TB & Miranda are away, Adrian J. Smith is in charge of IHS Headquarters. Have you had a chance to read Adrian’s battle with the Amazon bots? TB and Adrian will be cowriting a book soon and Miranda has been prepping Adrian about TB’s quirks, like sending frantic text messages at all hours and then forgetting what was so urgent. Soon, Miranda and Adrian will be able to swap war stories. This might not be good news for TB…

Now for Friday Fun!

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Most Clicked Books:

Random Things:

5 Random Things TB Markinson

5 Random Things is our way of helping readers to get to know top sapphic book authors all the while having a bit of fun.

Here are five random facts about TB Markinson (who is pinch-hitting for an author who didn’t get the deets to the IHS team in time).

1. I love to see new places, but almost every mode of transportation makes me ill. Getting back and forth is never enjoyable, but I love new experiences too much to let being ill stop me.

2. A high school counselor told me I wouldn’t amount to much and I shouldn’t bother going to college. I have 3 college degrees and now I run an author business and this website. A word of advice to those who tell young people what they should do with their lives. How about listening more instead of dooming people before they’re legally able to vote?

3. I have a terrible sense of direction and I’ve been instructed by the powers that be I can never leave my house without GPS. The voice has a male British accent who I lovingly call Nigel.

4. Because my phone is convinced I’m British (I paired the phone I purchased in the UK to the phone I got in the US when I moved back) and I don’t want to correct it, I have to constantly google the conversion of millimeters / centimeters to inches to know how bad snowstorms will be. However, if I tell it I’m actually American, I’ll lose Nigel and I can’t stomach the thought. Being told to turn around by a British accent is so charming.

5. I’ve broken two bones in my body: knee and elbow. Luckily not at the same time.

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Free Books:

Pet of the Week!

Meet Jade Pet of the Week Photo

Jade has the sweetest face! Submitted by Dolora, a reader.

That’s all for today.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Friday!

Miranda & TB

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