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Today is Omnisexual Awareness Day

Omnisexual Awareness Day
Today we are celebrating Omnisexual Awareness Day.

The term omnisexual is often used interchangeably with pansexual. The difference between the terms is subtle. A person who describes themselves as omnisexual might say they are attracted to people of all genders, while a person who is pansexual might say they are attracted to people regardless of gender. It is this “gender blind” component that sets omnisexual and pansexual people apart. Pansexual people do not consider gender when determining attraction, but omnisexual people do.

Whether a person chooses to describe themselves as omnisexual or pansexual, it’s important to understand that these terms have nothing to do with how much sex a person wants to have or how many partners they might choose. The assumptions that omnisexual people are promiscuous or automatically interested in polyamorous relationships are hurtful stereotypes.

The omnisexual pride flag was designed by @pastelmemer in 2015 and has stripes of pink, blue, purple, and black.

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any books in our database that described the characters as omnisexual. Today we’re shining a light on 3 books with pansexual characters. If you know of any sapphic books with omnisexual characters, please recommend them here, noting omnisexual representation. We would love to add them to the database!

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