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Top Sapphic Books, Cheyenne Blue, Freebies, and More

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We’ve made it to another Friday and it’s time to celebrate!

Find out the top 3 sapphic books with the most clicks this week, 5 Random Things about sapphic author Cheyenne Blue, women loving women book freebies, and an adorable doggie to get your weekend off to a wonderful start!

Miranda and TB are heading to Rhode Island for a day away from the computers. Now that the weather is improving, the two love escaping one day a week, and Fridays keep having the best temperatures without rain. Luckily they work for themselves, so they can rearrange their schedules to take advantage of the one day of the week with sunshine and blue skies. The cherry on top is the ghost tour they have tickets to. Speaking of ghosts, check out the giveaway Jae put together.

Sapphic Paranormal Fiction & Urban Fantasy Giveaway

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Sapphic speculative fiction, especially sapphic paranormal fiction and urban fantasy, doesn’t get as much attention as contemporary romance. But what’s not to love about lesbian vampires, sapphic werewolves, bisexual witches, asexual sirens, queer demons, and other fantastical creatures?

That’s why Jae decided to put together a big giveaway for everyone who loves speculative fiction with sapphic characters! Jae teamed up with 30+ authors, so you can win one of 36 amazing books.

Enter here.

Entries close on May 1, 2023, at 10 a.m. Central European Time.

Now for Friday Fun!

Please remember that sale prices listed in today’s post are valid for a limited time only and may change without notice. International prices may vary. Always check the price in your local marketplace before purchasing.

Most Clicked Books:

Random Things:

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5 Random Things is our way of helping readers to get to know top sapphic book authors all the while having a bit of fun.

Here are five random facts about Cheyenne Blue.

  1. I have the world’s flattest feet. Pancake is an understatement. They’re also very big. With built-in flippers like this, I should be a fast swimmer, but I’m not.
  2. I have an emotional bond with my extremely old and decrepit VW Golf. Seven years ago, a mechanic told me I should scrap it and not waste more money on it. I keep it going with pats on the dashboard, thumb rubs of the steering wheel, high-octane petrol, and a more understanding mechanic.
  3. My kitchen has twenty-seven types of hot sauce, chilli paste, fresh and frozen chillis, and other condiments to add fire to food.
  4. I still have a storage unit in Denver, Colorado from when I lived there nearly twenty years ago. Apart from a tent, I have no idea what’s in it.
  5. I love the desert, so it’s lucky I live in Australia where there’s a lot of it. My dream holiday destination is the Atacama Desert in Chile.

Have you read Not For a Moment yet? Get it here!

Not for a Moment by Cheyenne Blue

Free Books:

Pet of the Week!

Meet Soup! A cute dog

Meet Soup! The backstory of the photo is that he was staring at me like a creeper for a solid 5 minutes. I didn’t know what he wanted, so I walked him, gave him an early dinner, and tried to play with him. Ultimately, I figured out he was upset because I was out of routine and hadn’t started MY dinner. I went into the kitchen, pushed a few buttons that made beeps, and returned to the living room. He finally laid down beside me. Submitted by Serena J. Bishop, an author.

That’s all for today.

Wishing all of you a wonderful Friday!

Miranda & TB

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