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Lily Seabrooke’s Getting Rec’d

Authors Getting Rec'd
Author Emily Alter recommends Life is Sweet by Lily Seabrooke

Welcome to Authors Getting Rec’d! Each week, we’ll bring you a new sapphic book recommendation from a favorite sapphic author. Find out what authors are reading and why, plus read about the personal connections between authors and books.

This week, Emily Alter explains why Life is Sweet is a must read.

Emily loves Lily Seabrooke’s books and this is a favorite that deserves several rereads.

Let’s hear more from Emily about why Life is Sweet is a must read:

It’s the best grumpy/sunshine book ever and there’s a CANDY STORE and all the swoon-y feelings and all the good things and I’m very bad at writing super professional reviews but this is GOOD and I was in love from the start. That’s all!

Tempted? You can get Lily’s book here:

Emily Alter is the author of Rub on Her.

Here is one way Emily thought her book might relate to Lily’s:

Natalia is a puppy and it’s nothing like Kayla but I guess she’s the sunshine to the other two MCs and they love her for it?

Thank you, Emily, for sharing what book is on your nightstand right now and paying it forward by showing some book love to a fellow SapphFic author!

About Emily Alter:

Emily Alter is a queer, kinky, and polyamorous author of both gay and sapphic literature. When she’s not writing or being a brat to someone who has consented to it, she does her bit of activism as a social psychologist and licensed sex therapist in Madrid, Spain. (any/all)

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