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Sapphic Book News, Melissa Giberson, 13 Books on Sale, Caturday, and More!

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Happy weekend!

Saturdays are when we round up all the sapphic book news from the previous week into one convenient location. Think of it as your personal queer reading directory! After all, we know the weekend is when so many of us are able to unwind for a minute and want to get lost in a good wlw book. What could be better?

Celebrating 10 Years of Lizzie

This week, TB released the latest story in the Lizzie series to celebrate TB’s 10-year writing anniversary. Woot!!!!

She sat down to write a post about what 10 years of Lizzie has meant to her and as it turns out, Lizzie has meant a lot.

Reflecting on the past decade with such a memorable character made TB realize just how much she owes to Lizzie. Not only for launching TB’s writing career, but for the life advice she learned from Lizzie along the way.

One of the life lessons was simple, but also the hardest for TB to learn and sink in.

Find out more about that lesson here.

Need a Book for the Weekend?

If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, below you’ll find 13 books on sale.

Need more choices? Check out the BookFinder, which has more than 4,075 books for you to choose from, ranging from steamy sapphic romance books, ice queen wlw romances, lesfic audiobooks, queer superheroes, best friends to lovers lesbian romances and so much more!

Don’t see your favorite women-loving-women book in the I Heart SapphFic database? Let us know by filling out this form. We’ll take it from there!

Without further ado, let’s get to all the sapphic book news from this past week!

I Heart SapphFic Week in Review

Here are the links for this week’s posts:

Meet Louie, black cat

Meet Louie! This is Louie, who really wants to go on vacation with us! Submitted by CK, a reader.

Sapphfic Community Bulletin Board Header

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Sapphfic Book Club selection: Ascending by Nicole Pyland

I Heart Sapphfic Marketing Book Club: Fiction Blurbs by Ravencraft and Cohen
Jae Sapphic Book Bingo Person-of-color-on-the-cover

Sapphic Book Trivia Quiz1

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Great SapphFic Bargains

Please note, sale prices may change without notice, so please check the price before clicking a buy button. International prices may vary.

Melissa Giberson selfie with Late Bloomer

Have you read Late Bloomer yet? Get it here!

Where the heck was TB?

TB loves exploring places near and far, so we’ve created a weekly game where TB goes on an adventure, snaps some photos, and then lets you guess her location.

To answer last’s week’s question, 80% of you got it right. We were in Hannibal, Missouri. Also, 13% of you think TB is trying to convince Miranda to move there. That’s kind of true. TB loves the quaintness of the town, but it was miserably hot and humid and TB’s not sure she can handle it.

Now for this week’s guessing game.

On their epic road trip from Massachusetts to Colorado, TB and Miranda drove through Canada on the way back.

TB was the driver, and she was shocked by how aggressive some of the Canadian drivers were. Some of them would put Masshole drivers to shame for not being jerky enough. It’s possible there was a lot of screaming and F bombs (by TB. And maybe the Canadian drivers, but we had the windows rolled up and the AC on because it was hotter than Hannibal.)

Here are some clues about one of the cities they explored on an extremely hot and humid July day.

1. It’s the capital city of Canada.

2. It’s located in the province of Ontario, where the Ottawa River and the Rideau River meet.

3. The Parliament Hill and the Peace Tower at 92.2 m (302 ft) are visible from most parts of the city because the skyline is controlled by height restrictions.

4. Both English and French are the official languages.

5. The city population is over 1 million and it’s the fourth-largest city in Canada.

6. It’s one of the most visited places in Canada, with over 11 million visitors in 2018.

Here are some photos of the capital city.

Time to vote on the capital city.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Where in the heck are Miranda & TB?

Polls close on August 24. The answer will be revealed on August 26.

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

Miranda & TB

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