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Today is World Penguin Day

World Penguin Day
World Penguin Day raises awareness about these amazing flightless birds to preserve their species for future generations.

This day in particular was chosen as World Penguin Day because it coincides with the annual migration of Adelie penguins. Of the 18 known living species of penguins, 10 are listed as endangered. Zoo’s like the Bronx Zoo, have conservation and breeding programs trying to combat this alarming statistic. The Penguins From The Bronx Zoo Are Just Too Cute!

Most penguins are monogamous and use unique calls to find their mates in large groups. Penguin species differ dramatically in size, from the large Emperor Penguin, reaching heights of over three feet and seven inches, to the little Blue Penguin, barely reaching thirteen inches tall.

Today, in honor of monogamous penguins, we bring you three sapphic books with married or established couples.

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