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Jan 6 Edition: Sapphic Book News, Melissa Giberson, 11 Books on Sale, Caturday, and More!

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Happy weekend!

Saturdays are when we curate all the sapphic book news and queer happenings of the week into one convenient location. Think of it as your personal reading directory! After all, we know the weekend is when so many of us are able to unwind for a minute and want to get lost in a good woman loving woman book. What could be better?

In today’s post, you’ll find cheerful LGBTQ+ news stories to combat all the negative ones bombarding our screens.

Ness submitted a Caturday photo that made TB chuckle. Seriously, Lola knows how to relax and TB is jealous.

Don’t forget to check out the sapphic book community news section. So much goodness is happening right now, including a new sapphic reading challenge dedicated to Queer Writers of Color. It is being organized through the recently launched QWOC Books website, an incredible resource for finding books by and about queer women of color created by the author, podcast host, and all around delightful human, Aunt Georgia Lee.

Jae’s sapphic book bingo has also kicked off for 2024, and of course IHS is hosting our annual reading challenge. We’re super excited for all the sapphic reading possibilities this year.

One of the things we love about the weekly lesfic author selfie is getting to know the personality behind the words. Check out lesbian fiction author Melissa Giberson with the book Late Bloomer. Which has a fantastic tagline.

Finally, scroll to the bottom for some photos from a trip TB & Miranda took way back in 2018. It was such a different world then.

Top 5 Sapphic Books of 2023

Top 5 Reads of 2023 Graphic

We’ve been asking readers to share their top 5 reads of 2023 and now it’s time to share them, which we’ll be doing daily.

Sandie unveils their top reads that include authors Susan X Meagher, Char Dafoe, Cynthia Dane and Hildred Billings, Lexa Luthor, and Jae.

Find out Sandie’s top 5 books right here.

Sammy divulges their top reads that include authors Claire Highton-Stevenson, S-Jay Hart, Eliza James, Melissa Teresa, and Kellen Mcknight.

Find Sammy’s top 5 books right here.

Janice’s selections include authors Lee Winter, Cheyenne Blue, Jae, and Georgia Beers.

Find Janice’s list here.


If you’re looking for something to read this weekend, below you’ll find 11 books on sale.

Need more choices? Check out the BookFinder, which has more than 5,475 books for you to choose from, ranging from steamy sapphic romance books, ice queen wlw romances, lesfic audiobooks, queer superheroes, best friends to lovers lesbian romances and so much more!

Don’t see your favorite women-loving-women book in the I Heart SapphFic database? Let us know by filling out this form. We’ll take it from there!

Without further ado, let’s get to all the weekly queer news!

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TB is determined to spread good rainbow news during 2024, which let’s face, is going to be a rough year. There are a lot of elections all over the world this year. This means we’re in a lot of scaremongering. While it’s important to stay informed, it’s also vital to not lose sight of the all the kindness in the world. Below are the happy queer stories that made TB smile this week. They’re queer news links worth clicking!

Same-sex marriage is now officially legal in Estonia — a major and hopeful development in the Baltic region.

Kylie Kwong: ‘Nothing prepared me for when my father looked me in the face and said, ‘I do not accept you for who you are’ — make sure you read the whole thing because this has a happy ending you won’t see coming.

Matildas star Ellie Carpenter announces engagement to Lyon teammate Daniëlle van de Donk — we just love love here at IHS and their photo is adorable!

A gay swan couple built a nest together so the zoo gave them 3D-printed eggs to raise — two swans doing their best and there’s a video at the end.

Police hilariously troll reckless driver after towing car with anti-gay bumper sticker — check out the photos.

Dolly Parton gifts Texas drag queen Brigitte Bandit a bejeweled guitar –there’s a video of Brigitte capturing the moment when realizing who sent the gift.

Meet Lola a cat who knows how to chillax

Meet Lola! This chair is reserved at ALL times! Submitted by Ness, a reader.

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Please click on the images for the details for each announcement.

The Flight Risk Book Talk 1

Jae's Sapphic Book Bingo #1 Must-read-sapphic-books

Author Bookclub Writing Character Arcs by K. M. Weiland

BSB January Bookathon

Join the 2024 IHS Reading Challenge

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Great SapphFic Bargains

Please note, sale prices may change without notice, so please check the price before clicking a buy button. International prices may vary.

Have you read Late Bloomer by Melissa Giberson yet? Here’s the tagline: I stand there, frozen, as if the site of a naked woman is something I’ve never seen before.

Where the heck was TB?

TB loves exploring places near and far, so we’ve created a weekly game where TB goes on an adventure, snaps some photos, and then lets you guess her location.

TB here.

With the holidays, my illness, and a tight editing deadline, Miranda and I haven’t been on an adventure yet in 2024.

We don’t want to leave you hanging, though. Here are some photos from the time we visited Bath, England way back in 2018. At the time, I was still living in London and Miranda hopped the pond to attend an author event. We carved out a couple of days to chill in Bath and catch up.


Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend and if you’re going out New Year’s Eve, please stay safe and have fun!

Miranda & TB

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