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Happy weekend!

We’re thrilled the weekend has arrived. TB woke up with a sore throat, so she plans to listen to a book on the couch all day and whine. A normal Saturday for her. Miranda has loads of family plans and more than likely won’t be checking her messages from TB asking for more tea and soup, along with gifs that imply TB’s dying. Side note, Miranda doesn’t even live in the same city as TB, but Miranda gets these messages a lot from TB when she’s sick because TB isn’t a Brave Little Toaster, and TB’s cat, Grey, is terrible at making tea.

Let’s get to all the sapphic goodness from the week!

I Heart SapphFic Week in Review

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All About Whitewater Awakening

All About For the Long Run

All About The Deal

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Emmy and Bambalam calling a truce…for the moment. Submitted by Kelley W, a reader.

What’s Special About Today? 

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December is National Necktie MonthIt's Bartender Appreciation DayInternational Day of Persons with Disabilities

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Great SapphFic Bargains

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Dorothy Rice Bennett Phot

Have you read North Coast yet? GET IT HERE. It’s on sale for $1.99.

Where the heck was TB?

TB loves exploring places near and far, so we’ve created a weekly game where TB goes on an adventure, snaps some photos, and then lets you guess her location.

To answer last week’s mystery, 30% of you were right. Miranda and I were in Brattleboro. Also, 42% think I get drunk after drinking half a beer. And, that’s correct. Alcohol hits me hard and fast, making me smile more, giggle uncontrollably, and I start to strip off my clothes because my body temperature goes through the roof. Luckily, on this day, Miranda was there to stop me before removing too many layers.

Now for this week’s guessing game. We’ve barely dipped our toes into December and TB is already tired of the cold and wind, so she’s dug into her summertime photos in hopes to feel the sun that way.

Here are some facts about the place.

1. It’s a Gilded Age mansion located in Newport, Rhode Island.

2. It was the summer residence for Cornelius Vanderbilt II.

3. He purchased the land in 1885 for $450,000 ($13.6 million today), after the previous building on the grounds burned on November 25, 1892. Vanderbilt insisted the new mansion be fireproof, meaning the structure doesn’t have any wood.

4. Upon completion in 1895, the home was the most opulent in Newport.

5. It’s one of the most visited places in Newport, drawing nearly half a million visitors a year.

6. TB went to see it after watching the TV show The Gilded Age.

7. TB refused to take photos inside historical places, even when allowed claiming it’s the historian in her.

Now for some of TB’s photos.

Time to vote on what ridiculously expensive mansion TB visited. Polls are open until December 8 and the answer will be revealed on Saturday, December 10.

This poll is no longer accepting votes

Where in the Heck is TB?

Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!

Miranda & TB

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