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Today is Curmudgeons Day

January 29 is Curmudgeons Day
On this day in 1880, W.C. Fields, the ultimate curmudgeon, was born in Darby, Pennsylvania.

Born William Claude Dunkenfield, W.C. Fields would spend over four decades as a writer, actor, comedian, (and Vaudeville juggler!). His name became synonymous with a cranky curmudgeon. He played numerous antisocial characters on the silver screen, all with a love of alcohol, a disdain for children and dogs, and an overall grouchiness. He traveled the world, even performing before Queen Victoria (who also was known to be less than fond of children).

W.C. Fields died on Christmas Day, 1946, which if you think about it, is really in keeping with his curmudgeonly reputation. Leave it to the world’s biggest grump to choose to die on the happiest day of the year. But lest we give Mr. Fields too hard a time, it should be pointed out that he was an avid reader and was known to travel with a full trunk of books. It’s hard not to like someone who loves books. (Also, despite his public reputation, he was known to be a doting grandfather and enjoyed entertaining children.)

In honor of all the grouches in our lives, we’ve selected three grumpy / sunshine lesbian romances, because even curmudgeons deserve love.

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